domain in TBC and LysM domain containing proteins
SMART accession number:SM00584
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Interpro abstract (IPR006571):

The Tre2/Bub2/Cdc16 (TBC), lysin motif (LysM), domain catalytic (TLDc) domain is present in all eukaryotes, and its primary sequence is highly conserved among species. The TLDc domain is present in several proteins that share a protective function against oxidative stress (OS). The TLDc domain alone is able to confer oxidative resistance properties to all the TLDc members. The TLDc domain-containing proteins could influence the expression of key oxygen free-radical scavengers that, in turn, reduce the levels of ROS in the cell [ (PUBMED:28707022) (PUBMED:26668325) (PUBMED:20567517) (PUBMED:22434723) ].

The TLDc domain is a conserved protein motif of ~200 amino acids whose overall structure is globular. Two antiparallel beta-sheets form a central beta- sandwich, surrounded by two helices and two one-turn helices. Each beta-sheet is composed of six and four strands. The two sheets organize as a pseudo-orthogonal beta-sandwich and interact with each other only by hydrophobic interactions [ (PUBMED:22434723) ].

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There are 7015 TLDc domains in 7012 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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