Allophanate hydrolase subunit 1
SMART accession number:SM00796
Description: This domain represents subunit 1 of allophanate hydrolase (AHS1).
Interpro abstract (IPR003833):

Allophanate hydrolase catalyses the second reaction in an ATP-dependent, two-step degradation of urea to ammonia and C02. This follows the action of the biotin-containing urea carboxylase. Saccharomyces cerevisiae can use urea as a sole nitrogen source via this degradation pathway [(PUBMED:6124544)]. In yeast, the fusion of allophanate hydrolase to urea carboxylase is called urea amidolyase.

In bacteria, the second step in the urea degradation pathway is also the ATP-dependent allophanate hydrolase. The gene encoding this enzyme is found adjacent to the urea carboxylase gene [(PUBMED:15796980)]. Allophanate hydrolase has strict substrate specificity, as analogues of allophanate are not hydrolysed by it [(PUBMED:15796980)].

This domain represents subunit 1 of allophanate hydrolase (AHS1), which is found in urea carboxylase and the homologous Kinase A inhibitor KipI.

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