Di-sulfide bridge nucleocytoplasmic transport domain
SMART accession number:SM01042
Description: Brr6_like_C_C is the highly conserved C-terminal region of a group of proteins found in fungi. It carries four highly conserved cysteine residues. It is suggested that members of the family interact with each other via di-sulfide bridges to form a complex which is involved in nucleocytoplasmic transport (PUBMED:15882446) .
Interpro abstract (IPR018767):

This entry represents a highly conserved domain found in the C terminus of fungal protein Brl1, which is a nuclear envelope protein required for nuclear transport [(PUBMED:15882446)]. The domain is also found in the related fungal protein Brr6, which is an essential nuclear envelope integral membrane protein that is required for mRNA nuclear export [(PUBMED:11483521)].

Brr6 and Brl1 interact to form a complex, and it is likely that this domain plays an important role in their binding. Mutation studies have shown the domain to be essential for Brl1 function [(PUBMED:15882446)].

GO process:mRNA export from nucleus (GO:0006406), protein export from nucleus (GO:0006611), nuclear envelope organization (GO:0006998)
GO component:nuclear membrane (GO:0031965)
Family alignment:
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There are 177 Brr6_like_C_C domains in 177 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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