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  • Calx_beta

    Domains in Na-Ca exchangers and integrin-beta4
    SMART accession number:SM00237
    Description: Domain in Na-Ca exchangers and integrin subunit beta4 (and some cyanobacterial proteins)
    Interpro abstract (IPR003644):

    The calx-beta motif is present as a tandem repeat in the cytoplasmic domains of Calx Na-Ca exchangers, which are used to expel calcium from cells. This motif overlaps domains used for calcium binding and regulation. The calx-beta motif is also present in the cytoplasmic tail of mammalian integrin-beta4, which mediates the bi-directional transfer of signals across the plasma membrane, as well as in some cyanobacterial proteins. This motif contains a series of beta-strands and turns that form a self-contained beta-sheet [(PUBMED:9294196), (PUBMED:10390612)].

    GO process:cell communication (GO:0007154)
    GO component:integral component of membrane (GO:0016021)
    Family alignment:
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    There are 7057 Calx_beta domains in 2031 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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