Zinc finger domain in CG10631, C. elegans LIN-15B and human P52rIPK.
SMART accession number:SM00692
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Interpro abstract (IPR006612):

The THAP-type zinc finger (consensus: C-x(2,4)-C-x(35,50)-C-x(2)-H) is an ~90-residue domain restricted to animals, which is shared between the THAP family of cellular DNA-binding proteins, and transposases from mobile genomic parasites [ (PUBMED:12575992) (PUBMED:12717420) ]. THAP1, the prototype of the THAP family, possesses zinc-dependent sequence-specific DNA binding activity and recognizes a consensus DNA target sequence of 11 nucleotides [ (PUBMED:15863623) ]. The THAP-type zinc finger can be found in one or more copies and can be associated with other domains, such as the C2H2-type zinc finger.

The structure of the THAP-type zinc finger reveals the presence between the C2CH zinc coordinating residues of a short antiparallel beta-sheet interspersed by a long loop-helix-loop insertion. This loop-helix-loop motif has been shown to be essential for the identification of a number of critical residues for DNA recognition [ (PUBMED:18073205) ].

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