Olfactomedin-like domains
SMART accession number:SM00284
Description: -
Interpro abstract (IPR003112):

The olfactomedin-domain was first identified in olfactomedin, an extracellular matrix protein of the olfactory neuroepithelium [(PUBMED:12615070)]. Members of this extracellular domain-family have since been shown to be present in several metazoan proteins, such as latrophilins, myocilins, optimedins and noelins, the latter being involved in the generation of neural crest cells. Myocilin is of considerable interest, as mutations in its olfactomedin-domain can lead to glaucoma [(PUBMED:14764620)]. The olfactomedin-domains in myocilin and optimedin are essential for the interaction between these two proteins [(PUBMED:12019210)].

GO function:protein binding (GO:0005515)
Family alignment:
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There are 1968 OLF domains in 1967 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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