DNA-directed RNA polymerase N-terminal
SMART accession number:SM01311
Description: This is the N-terminal domain of DNA-directed RNA polymerase. This domain has a role in interaction with regions of upstream promoter DNA and the nascent RNA chain, leading to the processivity of the enzyme PMID:9670025. In order to make mRNA transcripts the RNA polymerase undergoes a transition from the initiation phase (which only makes short fragments of RNA) to an elongation phase. This domain undergoes a structural change in the transition from initiation to elongation phase. The structural change results in abolition of the promoter binding site, creation of a channel accommodating the heteroduplex in the active site and formation of an exit tunnel which the RNA transcript passes through after peeling off the heteroduplex PMID:12242451.
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There are 678 RPOL_N domains in 678 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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