DNA primase DnaG DnaB-binding
SMART accession number:SM00766
Description: DnaG_DnaB_bind defines a domain of primase required for functional interaction with DnaB that attracts primase to the replication fork. DnaG_DnaB_bind is responsible for the interaction between DnaG and DnaB.
Interpro abstract (IPR013173):

Eubacterial DnaG primases interact with several factors to form the replisome. One of these factors is DnaB, a helicase. This domain has been demonstrated to be responsible for the interaction between DnaG and DnaB [ (PUBMED:8308039) ]. This domain has a multi-helical structure that forms an orthogonal bundle [ (PUBMED:15649896) ].

GO process:DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer (GO:0006269)
GO function:DNA primase activity (GO:0003896)
Family alignment:
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There are 5177 DnaG_DnaB_bind domains in 5177 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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