EsV-1-7 repeat
SMART accession number:SM01425
Description: The EsV-1-7 repeat is a cysteine-rich motif of unknown function. The EsV-1-7 repeat motif was originally identified in the Ectocarpus IMMEDIATE UPRIGHT protein, which has an EsV-1-7 domain that contains five EsV-1-7 repeats (PMID: 28049657). The name is derived from the Ectocarpus virus EsV-1 protein EsV-1-7, which possesses six EsV-1-7 repeats. Ectocarpus has a large family of 91 EsV-1-7 domain proteins with between one and 19 copies of the motif (C-X4-C-X16-C-X2-H-X12). In addition to brown algae, EsV-1-7 domain proteins have been found in eustigmatophytes, oomycetes, cryptophytes, two families of green algae (Coccomyxaceae and Selenastraceae) and in two additional viral genomes, Emiliania huxleyi virus PS401 and Pithovirus sibericum. Based on this unusual distribution, it has been proposed that EsV-1-7 domain genes have been exchanged between lineages by horizontal gene transfer during evolution (PMID: 28049657).
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