N1221-like protein
SMART accession number:SM01292
Description: The sequences featured in this family are similar to a hypothetical protein product of ORF N1221 in the CPT1-SPC98 intergenic region of the yeast genome . This encodes an acidic polypeptide with several possible transmembrane regions PMID:8619318.
Interpro abstract (IPR012486):

This domain can be found in the N terminus of the yeast Far11 protein and the human STRP1/2 proteins.

Budding yeast Far11 interacts with the phosphatases Pph21, Pph22, and Pph3 and may be involved in the regulation of autophagy and the DNA damage signaling [ (PUBMED:22782902) ]. STRP1/2 (also known as FAM40A/B) are regulators of cytoskeletal organization, cell morphology and migration [ (PUBMED:21834987) ].

Family alignment:
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There are 1653 N1221 domains in 1652 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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