Spore Coat Protein U domain
SMART accession number:SM00972
Description: This domain is found in a bacterial family of spore coat proteins (PUBMED:1904442) as well as a family of secreted pili proteins involved in motility and biofilm formation (PUBMED:1904442).
Interpro abstract (IPR007893):

This domain is found in protein U, a spore coat protein produced at the late stage of development of Myxococcus xanthus. Protein U is produced as a secretory precursor, pro-protein U, which is then secreted across the membrane to assemble on the spore surface [ (PUBMED:1904442) ]. This domain is also found in a number of the genes within a conserved polycistronic operon that encodes a novel chaperone-usher pili assembly system. Examples are CsuA/B of Acinetobacter baumannii, and the CsuA, CsuB and CsuE of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and the related genes of Yersinia pestis.

In A. baumannii, csuC and csuE are required in the early steps of the process that that leads to biofilm formation. The conservation of the genes and gene order among unrelated bacteria, suggests that the csu operon is widespread and is involved in surface pilus formation which allows the bacteria to form biofilms on abiotic surfaces, a property that may aid there survival in their natural environment [ (PUBMED:14663080) ].

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There are 7228 SCPU domains in 5693 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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