Sequence analysis

You may use either a Uniprot/Ensembl sequence identifier (ID) / accession number (ACC) or the protein sequence itself to perform the SMART analysis service.

Sequence ID or ACC

Examples: #1, #2

Protein sequence

Examples: #1, #2

HMMER searches of the SMART database occur by default. You may also find:

Outlier homologues and homologues of known structure
PFAM domains
signal peptides
internal repeats

Architecture analysis

You can search for proteins with combinations of specific domains in different species or taxonomic ranges. You can input the domains directly into "Domain selection" box, or use "GO terms query" to get a list of domains.

Domain selection

Examples: #1, #2

GO terms query

Examples: #1, #2

Taxonomic selection

If you wish to restrict your domain architecture query to a particular species or taxonomic class, start typing its name in the box, and select a match from the popup list.

You can try an Advanced Query if you're familiar with SQL.

Domains detected by SMART

Search domain and protein annotation

Examples: #1, #2

  • Browse the database of all available domains in the SMART database
  • Download domain descriptions in tab delimited plain text


metaSMART is a novel integral part of SMART, dedicated to the exploration of protein domains and domain architectures in various metagenomics datasets. At the moment, the following datasets are publicly available through metaSMART:

Access metaSMART